Course Description

The Academy for Integrative Medicine™ (AIM) Health Coach Certification Program enables you to become a practicing Integrative Medicine health coach This 6-month program will give you all you need to start your own practice, or if you’re already a provider, to integrate Integrative Medicine health coaching into your practice. This is the only coaching program that will teach you to order and interpret laboratory tests (salivary adrenal and hormone testing, complete stool analysis, and food sensitivity testing), so you can confidently guide your clients to achieve optimal health.

The Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program will…

  • Teach you in-depth principles of wellness that will allow you to guide others to optimal health, including applied:
    • Functional Medicine
    • Ayurveda
    • Nutrition
    • Mind-body medicine
    • Positive psychology and Sexology
    • Legal and business strategies
  • Certify you in Dr. Keesha’s scientifically proven protocols and methods for achieving health and wellness. (See Dr. Keesha’s bio.)
  • Train you in the art and science of health coaching.
  • Instruct you in ordering and interpreting Functional Medicine lab tests.
  • Teach you how to create individualized diet, supplementation, exercise, and stress-reducing protocols.
  • Provide you with mentorship and a referral network to promote your success.

The Certification Course includes

  • Six months of weekly live Webinars (see Curriculum) with Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • Lifetime access to the training materials
  • Ability to audit the subsequent 6-month Certification program free
  • Lab resources made available to all participants (licensing not required)
  • Your own lab test results analyzed
  • Protocol guides and worksheets
  • Case management mentoring
  • Coaching on your first 10 client appointments
  • Final exam
  • Certificate of completion
  • And much more