Demystifying Detox

A 28-Day Mentorship with Dr. Keesha Ewers

We will have 28 daily calls covering the many aspects of your detox journey including

assessment, drainage, toxins, and more!

Our Spring Demystifying Detox = Renewal


Do you feel like you have physical and emotional "baggage" you would like to detox and eliminate from your life?


Do you have things in your past that you want to let go of?


Wouldn't it feel great to finally be FREE from everything that is not serving your highest experience in this lifetime?

It’s time to be your most genuine, healthy and alive self!

We all have things in our lives that have held us back from living our most vibrant lives.

These 28 days are about releasing ANYTHING not elevating you on every level.

Each morning we’ll meet for a brief exploration to help you detoxify your life, body and soul.

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Demystifying Detox

Here are just SOME of the valuable topics covered in the mentorship:

Tools and Protocols

Dr. Keesha will be sharing tools and protocols to help you on your detox journey.

Daily Practices

Step-by-step daily easy practices to optimize elimination and reset your health!

Optimal Detox Techniques

Learn important techniques to optimize your detox efforts

Toxicity Deep Dive

Deep dive on the connection between trauma, stress and toxicity

Stress Reduction Tools

Explore daily tools to reduce stress and allow toxins to release

Optimal Detox Techniques

Learn how to heal and start your journey to emotional and spiritual freedom

Lifestyle Adjustments

Discover connections between your lifestyle and your symptoms and how to make adjustments

Reduce Toxin Exposure

Learn how to minimize future exposure to toxins in your environment

Community Support

Get invited to our private, peer-mentored Facebook Group for members

BONUS #1: Free access to Keesha’s ABUNDANCE PROGRAM (value $197)

And, as a detox member, you also get 10% off any of our products.

This Series is Intentionally Affordable To Truly Impact Your Health Journey!

Each of these daily trainings will be yours to keep and use over time, to implement in your life.

All Video Trainings

The AUDIO Recordings for each module

Supporting Materials

And Daily Transcripts

Access to bonus materials

This mentorship offers our newest information and insights on detoxifying your body, your mind, your soul - and addressing immune deficiency, environmental toxicants, and offering the protocols we use with our actual patients at Dr. Keesha’s clinic.

Join Us for Demystifying Detox

Demystifying Detox Mentorship

Demystify Program

Daily Call Recordings

Learn how to stay off the detox-retox roller coaster! Join Dr. Keesha each morning for a deep dive into how she implements and uses her different practices for selfcare on all levels - Body, Mind and Spirit.

$ 67
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