First Steps to Becoming a Health Coach
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What this Guide will teach you

If you want to know how to become a certified medicine health coach then this may be the most important guide you ever read. 

The 5 most important tips

  • Would you make a great health coach? Find out in this guide.
  • What is an integrative medicine health coach?
  • Discover your own Ayurvedic dosha type.
  • Find out why your adrenals are impacting your brain and digestive function. This is what you will be teaching others to do!
  • An integrative medicine coach goes beyond food as medicine and learns how to test and not guess about hormone imbalances.

Come join our tribe of amazing and supportive certified integrative medicine health coaches and begin your successful career in service of your clients today.

About The Founder and Medical Director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine

Some words from our certified integrative medicine coaches

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Keesha Ewers is a board certified Functional Medicine and advanced Ayurvedic medical practitioner as well as a Doctor of Sexology, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Psychotherapist and the founder and medical director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.  

Dr. Keesha has been in the medical field for over 30 years. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis—an incurable disease according to Western medicine—she discovered how to reverse the chronic illnesses so many Americans suffer from, such as obesity, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, depression, and more using her Freedom Framework® Method, which she has now used with thousands of her own patients and teaches to her health coach students in her online certification program. 

Dr. Keesha is a popular speaker, including from the TEDx stage, and the best-selling author of Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle: The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health and Your Libido Story: A workbook for women who want to find, fix, and free their sexual desire. You can listen to her Healthy YOU! Radio Show on KKNW 1150 am Monday through Wednesday at 1 pm PST or at 

Her constant thirst for knowledge in the pursuit of finding answers to her patient’s problems has taken her around the world, learning from traditional healers and native cultures from Australia to Peru, and India to Africa, as well as from the best of the innovative thinkers and scientists our country has to offer.

You will find Dr. Keesha traipsing the mountains and hills and beaches of the Pacific Northwest or kayaking the surrounding waters in and around Washington state with her husband and two beloved golden doodles, Sophie and Gracie.  



  • One of the very best decision that I have made in the development of my career as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is taking The Academy for Integrative Medicine health coaching certification program. This course was the perfect next step to take the foundational nutritional principles I learned in the NTA program and bring them to a whole new level. This is, by far, the most exciting, empowering program I have ever been a part of. If you are ready to take your own nutritional therapy skills and become a highly masterful practitioner, I cannot recommend the program highly enough.

Shelly Van Skyhawk, Certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Eating Psychology Specialist, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

  • The knowledge and wisdom taught by Dr. Keesha has helped me add skills to my natural compassion and empathy. Now, I have more confidence to listen to others with skilled under-standing and a knowledge of “next steps” to aid and provide hope and relief. The way she teaches the program helped me learn progressively, which alleviated my preconceived fears of memorization. The Academy for Integrative Medicine health coach certification program allows you to learn customized, targeted protocols quickly, allowing you to niche your practice immediately. 


Ellen Flint, career changer from Ohio

  • I started the course thinking that I would be able to further my understanding of the body and how it worked so that I could help my family and clients. I had no idea that we would find the root cause to my daughter's health issues and even have a name for it; "Adrenal Fatigue". What an eye opener this has been. For the first time in 8 years my daugher has had energy and has even registered for College this fall. That's a big step forward!! I am so grateful for this path that I am on and the resources that this training has given me. I am so happy now helping my clients make their dreams come true as well!

Julie Crowell, DoTerra consultant

"Download Your Free First Steps to Becoming a Certified Integrative Medicine Coach"

  • How to figure out if you would be a great health coach.
  • How to know your own unique Ayurvedic constitutional type so you can then understand how to individualize your protocols for others using theirs.
  • The tools to niche your practice and stand out from the herd so you can attract clients and live the abundant lifestyle you have always dreamed of.