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With this purchase, I am including my "How to Understand Lab Values" guide to help you determine if your levels are optimal.

Has your doctor ever said your lab values were “normal” yet you didn’t feel well?

In my "How to Understand LAB VALUES" guide we will look at functional ranges for the main lab tests currently in use.

Your Endocrine System

Your Immune System

Your Digestive System

Your Cardiovascular System

Your Urinary System

Nutritional Information


Autoimmune disease is caused by your body attacking itself. That one fact is the biggest reason that traditional medicine often fails so badly when it comes to helping people heal. Why? Because traditional medical advice is based on averages and it’s generic. Your autoimmune symptoms aren’t! The only way to truly heal from autoimmune conditions is to identify the specific trigger(s) in your biology that is causing them. Anything else is a guess, or worse, a bandaid placed over a symptom that could get more serious over time since the root causes haven’t been addressed.

Precision medicine testing is the only way to make sure that the true cause of autoimmune symptoms is addressed and that the real problem is actually solved! That is the foundation of the Hormone Test Package. It’s the perfect starting point to discover what is actually impacting your health and more importantly, what you need to do to fix it!

With this package you’ll not only get the latest testing for your hormones and adrenal patterns, but also a group consultation with me to really drill down into the information and give you a concrete health plan that is as unique as you are.



Dr. Keesha is a marvelous health instructor who, as part of her work, trains other practitioners and nutritionists on how to effectively treat and heal their clients. In your one-on-one consult you’ll have access to a world renowned expert who will teach you how to:

Find natural solutions to help heal nutritional deficiencies and repair the damage that has been done to your body.

Strategies to identify toxins and lifestyle choices that stress your system and destroy your metabolism and how you can avoid them.

Eliminate other issues that may be contributing to body dysfunctions like autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, or metabolic issues.

Get the Gift of Health

(Only $297)

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