Regain Your Energy, Re-kindle your Passion and Realize Your Inner Sexy


The word Desire comes from a Latin word meaning “from the stars”. This means that desire is heaven sent, God given and essential for life rather than a luxury. What do you desire? 

The Woman’s Vitality Summit gave me an opportunity to hear from hundreds of women about what they desire. Those desires can be summed up in 3 categories: love and connection, financial and mental freedom, and a body that works well and looks good. 

What if I told you that the Freedom Framework I use will help you attain your dreams and desires, no matter which of these categories they fall in? It’s true. Freedom is what we all want. Libido is the energy needed to attain that freedom and to live your desires and dreams. If you want to have more sex, then great! If you want to use it to be a rockin’ mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend… then great! If you want to use it to write the next NY Times bestselling book, then great! You get the picture. 

I found out just how depleted that life force can become when I had rheumatoid arthritis. No libido, no energy, and lots of pain. That’s when I learned that my level of libido was a great indicator light on the dashboard of my operating system…the higher the level, the more the vitality. When I was running on empty there was no way and no how I was going to be able to meet my goals.

Week One: Let’s Get Physical

This week we start with the “physical root cause” of imbalance. You will learn how to begin understanding what your body is trying to tell you. Symptoms are not to be killed, but listened to. Your body tells you what it needs but we never learned the language it uses. The feedback your body gives you can be gentle or harsh, depending on how loud it has to turn up the volume for you to listen. You will start with a food program that is designed to boost your libido and gently detox your hormone pathways. Your journey to a body you love starts here! Each week has a webinar, multiple handouts, resources, and tracking tools to keep you organized.

Week Two: Is It My Hormones? Getting off of the Detox-Retox Rollercoaster

This is the week of hormones. You will learn about your thyroid, your adrenal glands, your pancreas, and your brain. I provide you with a short manual of “normal” laboratory ranges so you know what to look for when you get your lab work done. Functional medicine “normal” is not the same as conventional medicine “normal." 

You will get the opportunity to do a salivary adrenal and hormone test kit and work with one of my trained integrative medicine health coaches to individualize a program to balance your entire endocrine system naturally. This is a special priced offering only for participants of the Libido Cure Program.

Week Three: Libido Means Healthy Gut Microbes

This is the week of the digestive tract. Yes, your libido and vitality are based on a healthy gut. You will learn how to read your tongue, your stools, and your skin to gauge your gut health. 

You will also get the opportunity to do a stool test if you want to. Again, a special offer is extended only for the Libido Cure participants to work with an integrative medicine health coach to individualize a gut program if you suspect you have parasites, yeast or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth after hearing the lecture material. The road to a healthy libido is a twisting and winding one through the intestinal tract! 

You will notice that by now your skin is starting to glow, your energy is improving and your body is re-shaping itself. Time to work with the mind.

Week Four: What’s in Your Head Goes to Your Bed

This is the week of the mind. You will begin to uncover the beliefs that enhance vitality and those that drain your sex drive. You will explore some powerful mental techniques to re-wire your brain and re-set your beliefs if they are not serving you. We will explore mismatched sexual desire between partners in this module and communication techniques to enhance your experience of physical and emotional intimacy.

Week Five: The Impact of Held On to Hurt on Sexual Desire

Did you know that emotional pain is more debilitating to vitality that physical pain? You will learn the role of the heart in your health, vitality and libido. You will be introduced to a powerful forgiveness practice that you can only learn in the Libido Cure Program. Did you know that there are hundreds of scientific studies that indicate forgiveness is a tool that can reverse many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease? It’s true! One of those studies is one I conducted. It showed that forgiveness was a method that can be employed to regain libido. 

Emotions are one of the 5 root causes for low libido and vitality. You will learn how to do some very easy practices that can free you from depression and anxiety and increase your sense of wellbeing.

Week Six: Mapping Your Libido Story

This is one of the most powerful modules in the whole program and my personal favorite. I am the only one who teaches about your Libido Story because it’s part of what came out of my study on women. You will learn how to understand the meanings you made up as a child to match your experiences. Those meanings led to beliefs. Those beliefs are now informing your adult behaviors. If you are self-sabotaging and not caring for yourself in a loving way…it’s because of those pesky childhood beliefs! 

You will get a workbook that will guide you through this process. The women who take this course tell me that this is incredibly powerful for them and also very liberating. The beliefs I am referring to are largely unconscious until you do something like this program to bring them to light. Once they are in the light you get to re-write them, and thus re-write your story if it’s not one you like. I love this module! You will get so many life altering tools!

Week Seven: Integrating Your Sexuality with Your Spirituality

Most women know that connection with another is a deeply spiritual experience. We also know that sexual experiences are when we are the most vulnerable. It takes a lot of trust to open yourself up to another in all of the ways necessary to form a truly intimate bond. That intimate bond must be forged with yourself before it can be built with another. 

This module will explore how you can do that. It doesn’t matter what religion, spiritual tradition, or path you follow (or don’t follow). You will learn how to get fully grounded with you so that you can be grounded with another. 

This is another powerful module and you can go as deep with it as you like. You will be asked only to journal about your observations. There is no other homework. It’s easy and it’s interesting and it’s illuminating to see how our cultural story infuses our sexual one. 

You will tie the whole 7-week process together in this module through a framework from Ayurvedic Medicine called the “pancha koshas”. The pancha koshas are the 5 layers of you; physical, energetic, emotional, mental and bliss. You will see how all 7 weeks of the Libido Cure program have helped you detox and align each of these layers so that you can be blissfully vital. 

You will also be given a meditation practice for all 7 of your energy centers that you can use to integrate the program into your life “post program”. This is all optional, but useful in keeping and deepening the learning that you get each week.

Plus you get a live Q and A call with me to tie it all together AND free membership in a wonderful tribe of women who have already taken the program and who are taking it with you. It’s our own “red tent.” This supportive community is powerful beyond measure. I monitor the group and answer questions all along the way during the program too.


"Dr. Keesha, 

I am almost finished with Step 3 of my workbook and LIBIDO STORY. 

I am discovering my beliefs and it is an eye opener!! So sad & unhealthy (my old beliefs). I am motivated to finish though and rewrite my healthy new beliefs and life! I can truly see it is a key to healing my relationships & vitality. 

Thank you!"

Saacha B.

“Keesha brings all the information you need in this webinar. It’s truly invaluable! My libido has drastically changed and I am living a happier and fuller life.” 


"This program sure has been eye opening. My tongue and thumb nails indicate that I am not digesting the nutrients from my organic, farm fresh, non GMO foods. I would say that I have been emotional for about the last 6 months and this could be due to the world news, however I believe it is from a lack of routine REM sleep. Most nights I wake up around 3 am with my brain in overdrive. I know I have commute/work life/aging parents stress. I also do not have the optimum of stool elimination.

Due to this program I have added small changes that are starting to work big. I actually like oil pulling and tongue scraping. I have re-awakened the art of Meditation with the tools Dr. Keesha has provided. I am striving to be less “perfect” at work and finding ways to release the tension that seems to come so easily for me. My goals are to digest my food and eliminate the rest. I have really enjoyed this program and the bonus speakers. 

Thank you Dr. Keesha for this wonderful program."

Leslie L.

"As a Holistic Nurse, I have done a lot of workshops and inner work. Dr Keesha Ewers shared a ton of information that I had not heard before. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom based on her own healing journey. She has a heart felt passion to share this information in order to help more women heal and connect with their of life force. Her staff are a fantastic support too. Recommended if you have lost your passion, energy and desire."

Carole H RN

"I am so thankful to Dr. Keesha for developing the libido cure seven week program! I learned so much about the whole me in a whole new way! What's more, I continue learning as I reference back to the wealth of materials. This program carries you far beyond its seven weeks of instruction. Dr. Keesha delivered information which is truly helping me to live my life more healthfully and fully.

During the program's weekly webinar I looked forward to learning more about how my body functions and how my physical health is connected to my sexuality, my emotions and my very essence. And I could finally connect the dots into all aspects that make up the total me!

I am fascinated as I keep peeling back the layers and layers of wisdom and knowing that doctor Keesha incorporates into her teachings! She truly cares about each and every one of us and it comes through in her webinars; I truly felt that I was there with her and she was there with me every step of the way! Her online community keeps us a tribe of like-minded women seeking knowledge and inspiration to improve our lives. 

Thank you, Dr. Keesha! I look forward to more of your phenomenal classes in the future!"

Denise Whitbeck

"Dr. Keesha delivers a beautifully designed program that truly gets to the heart of what is ailing us. I came away from this experience feeling rejuvenated, with more clarity about where (and how) my energy was being depleted - and precisely the steps I needed to begin to restore it. 

Dr. Keesha elegantly guides her students through a journey of awareness and personal expansion, while incorporating valuable nutritional and energy restoring self-care strategies. Her approach to tuning in to our body’s messages is both innovative and deeply soul affirming. I absolutely loved this program and recommend it highly to anyone who is ready to take their health and their life to a whole new level."

Shelly Van Skyhawk 

Nutritional Therapist, Transformative Life Coach, Eating Psychology Specialist

About Dr. Keesha

Dr. Keesha Ewers is a board certified Functional and advanced Ayurvedic medical practitioner as well as Doctor of Sexology, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, trauma informed therapist, and energy worker. She is registered in Washington state in clinical hypnotherapy and certified in EMDR, Brainspotting, the Enneagram, and mediumship and Angel Therapy. Dr. Keesha is also a Certified MAPS MDMA therapist. Dr. Keesha is the founder and medical director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.Dr. Keesha has been in the medical field for over 30 years. Her constant thirst for knowledge in the pursuit of finding answers to her patient’s problems has taken her around the world, learning from traditional healers and native cultures from such diverse places as Australia, India, Mexico, Peru, Africa, and Sri Lanka; as well as from the best of the innovative thinkers and scientists our country has to offer. After curing her own autoimmunity and discovering the key to low libido in women through her innovative research, Dr. Keesha developed the Freedom Framework, which is designed to get to the root problem of any disease or imbalance. Dr. Ewers is the founder of a field of medicine called Functional Sexology, a combination of functional medicine, psychotherapy, sexology, and Ayurveda. Through the Academy for Integrative Medicine, she offers a certification course for those passionate about and wanting to become Integrative Medicine Health Coaches. Dr. Keesha has published articles and books and conducted research primarily on adrenal fatigue, emotional pain, cultural and spiritual values, and cognitive beliefs and how they affect female sexual desire and vitality. Her online programs and videos can be found at www.DrKeesha.com.

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